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Tender & Viberg

Tender, a small British clothing label helmed by William Kroll, draws its design inspiration from antique workwear and a profound admiration for the machinery of the Great British Steam Age.

At the core of Tender's philosophy lies a commitment to crafting garments made to be worn thoroughly, lived in, and uniquely personalized through the patina of time. 

With a shared dedication to "slow manufacturing," our collaborative efforts resulted in the birth of a distinctive edition – Tender's Type 930 Double Front Butterfly Jacket.

The Type 930

The inception of the Type 930 dates back to 2018 when it emerged as a refined iteration of Tender's original Butterfly Shirt. Noteworthy features include front panels folded at the edge, giving rise to generous pockets on each side with vertical openings secured by sturdy brass rivets. 

Devoid of side seams, boasting reversed one-piece sleeves, and finished with a seamless collar, the entire jacket is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, comprising just five panels of cloth.

This exclusive release is cut from the final roll of Tender's English-woven Sawtooth Twill. This exceptional fabric intertwines a cotton warp with a wool-hemp weft, bestowing a distinct natural texture and appearance. Grey, Canadian-made melamine buttons were specially chosen for this project, and come from Tender’s collection of deadstock tailor’s trims.

United by a shared admiration and respect for traditional manufacturing techniques and machinery, the Tender & Viberg Type 930 Jacket is meant to improve with age and wear, and act as a versatile, seasonless staple in your wardrobe.