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Repairs: Western Boots

Repairs is a series highlighting some of the most interesting and well-worn boots that come back to our factory for maintenance.  We've shot these boots in a studio setting to specifically showcase their patina and character .  This offers a glimpse into the aging process of our materials and the unique journey behind every pair of boots.

From the late 1960's to mid-1970's we experimented with several Western style boots in response to market demand.  The number of these boots produced was extremely limited and it's rare for us to come across a physical example.  Last year a long time customer surprised us with these two pull-on boots purchased in that era and worn nearly daily ever since.  The upper leather has degraded significantly and blown out completely in places.  On one boot the heel area has worn through to reveal the leather counter beneath.  This is the same component found in our boots today and is a testament to the durability of high-quality, natural materials.  While we were able to make some cosmetic repairs, these boots are unfortunately on their last legs after more than 50 years of use.