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The Shell Collection

For more than 10 years we have been working closely with Horween Leather Company.  This famed Chicago tannery has been producing some of the finest leather in the world since 1905.  While their materials can be found all throughout our range, it is their signature Shell Cordovan leather that defines our most premium products.  Shell Cordovan is a specific portion of horsehide that undergoes an extremely lengthy and labour intensive manufacturing process.  Only the finest quality hides are suitable for this process and the global supply continues to dwindle year after year.  The combination of its scarcity and its unique, mirror-like finish has created a cult following amongst footwear collectors and enthusiasts. 

Over the years we have offered many variations of Shell Cordovan boots and shoes, but almost always on a preorder, limited-run basis as our allocations trickled in.  The Shell Collection aims to present an edited selection of our signature models in stock and ready to ship.  At launch we have both the Service Boot and Chelsea available in Black, Colour 8 and Dark Cognac.  Moving forward we hope to expand both the number of styles and colours on offer.  The Shell Collection represents the absolute pinnacle of both the Viberg and Horween traditions and is the culmination of our years spent working together.