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The Cohens' Collection

Collections is a series we started with the aim to explore the Viberg collection of some of our most loyal customers and friends. There is something compelling about seeing the long term purchasing decisions an individual makes and how they end up utilizing our products day to day.  It is our hope that this series will showcase the diversity of Viberg and provide a closer look at the relationship we form with our footwear.

We recently travelled to Chicago to photograph David Cohen, affectionately known online as “Shoepac”, and his son Richard Cohen with their impressive collection of Viberg footwear. David and Richard are passionate about handcrafted footwear and have formed a strong, generational bond over the hobby. When they discovered our Stitchdown footwear made with leather from Chicago’s own Horween Tannery, David immediately ordered his first pair of Service Boots. Since then the outgoing duo have travelled the country to attend our Sample Sale and Made to Order Events, steadily growing their collection of Vibergs and friends along the way.  

With similar sized feet, their collections are relatively interchangeable and both anchored by variations of our signature Service Boot. Their curation process is driven by a desire to find unique combinations and exclusive releases. This quest for scarcity has lead them firmly to our Shell Cordovan offerings which make up just under half of their combined collection. The most recent additions, an Oxford Shoe in Natural Chromexcel Roughout and Service Boot in Olive Waxed Flesh, come from our Seattle Made to Order Event, while their creations from our recent NYC MTO are still currently in production.