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Service Boot Horsehide Latigo

Shinki Hikaku is a small, family run business and is the only tannery in the world to specialize exclusively in horse leather. As such, they are able to produce extremely unique signature leathers. Their tanning process involves natural air drying and aging stages that take up to four months and produce a unique texture and grain. Due to the difficulty of procuring such heavyweight horsehides, we waited a year to secure an allotment of their Horsehide Latigo. An extra heavyweight, full grain, vegetable tanned Horsehide, Latigo is often used for belts and straps because of its low flexibility. However, we found Shinki’s Latigo to be perfectly suited to our Service Boot due to the intricacies and character that can’t be found elsewhere. Featuring a Brogue Toe Cap, Stitchdown Construction, and a Dainite Sole, the Service Boot Horsehide Latigo is now available exclusively on