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Service Boot Crust Chromexcel

During our last visit to Horween Leather in Chicago we noticed a pile of hides with a unique brown tone we had never seen before.  Nick, who was in the midst of giving us a tour of the facilities, explained that it was Chromexcel leather in its crust state.  Crust refers to a particular stage in leather processing where the hides have been fully tanned and dried, but not yet dyed or finished.  We immediately asked if we could purchase the leather as is and almost a year later we are excited to offer a Service Boot utilizing this unique material.  This is Chromexcel leather in it's most natural state, which means it exhibits more character and inconsistencies than a traditional finished hide.  It also means that it will age and patina faster and more drastically than just about any other material.  Purchase the Service Boot Crust Chromexcel here.