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Headwear Factory Visit

We have partnered with one of the last remaining headwear factories in Canada to produce a collection of hats to our exact specifications.  Located just across the water from us in Vancouver, BC, this family owned and operated facility has been in business since the 1960s. It was crucial for us to find a manufacturer who we could work closely with to create high quality, made in Canada products that echo the philosophy of our brand.

To conicide with a restock of our classic Cotton Twill Caps we decided to visit the factory to take a closer look at their manufacturing process.  Much like our own facility, this modestly sized space is filled with a mix of new and vintage machinery with a small crew of skilled artisans overseeing each step with care.  As part of our collaborative process we have integrated materials from our own products, including the Shell Cordovan straps found on our Cotton Twill and Wool Caps, as well as Italian Suede for a project releasing later this year.  As domestic manufacturing continues to dwindle in Canada it is more important than ever for us to create and foster sustainable relationships with likeminded partners.