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Repairs: Sneaker

Repairs is a series highlighting some of the most interesting and well-worn footwear that come back to our factory for maintenance.  We've shot them in a studio setting to specifically showcase their patina and character.  This offers a glimpse into the aging process of our materials and the unique journey behind every pair of Vibergs.

These Sneakers in Black Horsehide have belonged to our friend Andy Larkin for just over a year. Andy is the Roastery Manager at Drumroaster Coffee in Cobble Hill and has worn these to work nearly everyday since purchasing them. During the repairs we were able to patch a small tear in the toe by creating a matching toe overlay on both shoes.  They also received a new heel counter and Vibram Sphike Sole. As the first ever Sneaker resole to come through our factory we decided to document the unique process to specifically highlight how the concept of recraftability can be applied to athletic footwear.