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Meet the Maker: Nelson

Meet Nelson, 

Another key member at our Victoria, B.C. workshop. 

Hi Nelson, tell us a bit about yourself and your role at the factory.

My name is Nelson, and I moved to Canada from Columbia just over a year ago. My role at the factory is in the Finishing Department. I'm responsible for polishing and cleaning up our boots at the end of the production line to make sure they're looking brand new and ready to ship out. 


Viberg Boot Meet the Maker


How long have you been working with footwear? Tell us more about your experience.

Before moving to Canada, I had never worked in the footwear industry. This is all new for me - I've been really enjoying the shoemaking process. I started out at Viberg as a specialist installing eyelets on our boots, before moving on to different departments, acquiring new skills, and eventually ending up in the Finishing Department where I am now.


Viberg Boot meet the maker


What boots are you wearing? Do you have any favourite styles or qualities you look for in the shoes or boots you wear?

I'm wearing the Uplands Boot in Fog Janus Calf Suede. This is my first time wearing the new Uplands Boot model, and I really enjoy how comfortable they are already. My favourite boot is definitely the Chelsea Boot though - it was one of the first styles I worked with and I've liked them ever since. 


VIBERG Boot Meet the Maker

Are there any shoes, boots, or leathers you specifically enjoy working with?

I don't have a specific style or leather I like working with, I simply enjoy learning and getting familiar with the different elements of the production process. I look forward to exploring and growing more with Viberg and in the footwear industry.


VIBERG Boot Meet the Maker

Nelson is wearing the Uplands Boot in Fog Janus Calf Suede from our AW22 Drop 2 collection