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Johan's Collection

On our recent trip to LA we had a chance to sit down with our friend Johan Lam and take a look at his impressive collection of Viberg footwear.  Johan is the co-owner of 3sixteen and Self Edge LA and NYC and co-founder of MAAPS.  We've had the pleasure of collaborating with 3sixteen on several projects over the years and you'll see some of the original prototypes in Johan's personal collection.  Johan's boots are a perfect example of the patina you can achieve with regular wear and some basic maintenance principles.  Also, despite the 2030 being our most popular last, you won't find it in this group.  Instead, fuller more rounded shapes like the 1035 and 2040 are heavily represented.  While we have many Viberg enthusiasts around the globe we feel that Johan's collection is a unique selection that reflects his personal style and experience with the brand.