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Guy's Collection

Collections is a series we started with the aim to explore the Viberg collection of some of our most loyal customers and friends. There is something compelling about seeing the longterm purchasing decisions an individual makes and how they end up utilizing our products day to day.  It is our hope that this series will showcase the diversity of Viberg and provide a closer look at the relationship we form with our footwear.

When thinking about whose collection we would like to photograph after Johan's, we had an obvious choice. Our Brand Director, Guy Ferguson, has been with the company for over six years and his collection represents not only an evolution in his own personal style, but in our brand as a whole. When viewed all together, Guy's collection presents a cohesive story, with each pair accounting for important milestones in our recent history, including prototypes made during the early phases of new developments. As someone who spends their days surrounded by an abundance of new footwear, we were impressed with how selective he has been over the years to maintain a relatively edited collection. Guy is drawn to footwear that reflects his casual style and combines materials in an unusual or unexpected way.

One of his most notable pairs are the debut Service Boots made in collaboration with Four Horsemen over 10 years ago. Working on these boots is how Guy was first introduced to Viberg and these are still an integral part of his wardrobe today. His Boondocker was an early prototype of what went on to become a popular Viberg offering. Lastly, his Derby Shoe in Dust Calf is one of the first of this pattern ever produced and features Stitchdown Construction.