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Painted Horsehide

Today we released a very limited run of Service Boots available in both Black and White Painted Horsehide.  The leather is from the famous Guidi & Rosellini tannery in Italy, which is known for their unique tanning processes and finishing techniques.  This heavyweight horsehide came to us with a thick, painted on finish.  After some experimentation we decided to remove some of the painted layer, giving the boots a unique distressed appearance.  After cutting the upper, each piece was steamed and then wet sanded by hand.  The completed boot was then given a heavy coat of beeswax to help preserve the remaining finish and to restore the moisture lost in the process.  We avoided using metal eyelets or a rubber outsole to keep the details as simple as possible and to highlight the complexity of the leather.  With wear the natural vegetable tanned horsehide will darken and patina, while the remaining paint continues to chip away.  The entire run was limited to 10 pairs and will not be available again.  Click through for some detailed photos of the manufacturing process.

Wet sanding




Drying after being steamed and sanded








Waxing the upper




Waxing the leather sole



Left to dry




Clear coating the leather sole and heel



Finished and laced